Professor Dr Zahir Shah

Giving is better than taking, and this is called givology.
Everything in the universe is in the process of giving away,
and that thing which does not, get shrunk with passage of time.
Expansion is the essence of life and none of it is
called extinction or more generally death. Knowledge is a true virtue....

Life Is Doing

Mere spending the time is not a life at all. According to Socrates an unexamined life is not a life. This proverbial statement holds true even today. The best life is doing. Not doing is death 

We are very glad to announce
our appointment of Honorary Fellow to
Dr. Zahir Shah

Mission of life

Positivists may laugh , however life for others is the mission statement of my life and strongly believe in givology……..

Seminar on indepence day at main campus AWKUM university.

Prof. Dr. Zshah Chairing the Board Of Study Meeting at AWKUM in the Department of Psychology.

Receiving Shield For Successfully performance as Dean of Social Sciences from Pro VC Awkum, Mardan.

Abdul Wali Khan University and Media Matters for Democracy Trust Forge Partnership to Empower Future Journalists in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

[Mardan, 20/12/2023] — The Abdul Wali Khan University and Media Matters for Democracy Trust, Pakistan’s leading organization for media development, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to extend their commitment to media development by including the student body enrolled in media and journalism-related programs in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. The MOU signed by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Sultan Ayaz and the Executive Director of Media Matters for Democracy Mr. Asad Baig. Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah sheds light on AWKUM’s contribution to research and academics. Director ORIC Dr. Tariq Mehmood and Farhad Safi, Head of the JMC, were also present on the occasion. and

The partnership aims to address the challenges the Pakistani media industry faces by focusing on capacity building and creating a robust support network for aspiring journalists. Recognizing journalism as a critical pillar of democracy, Media Matters for Democracy Trust believes that nurturing young, resilient journalists equipped with diverse skills and up-to-date knowledge in modern digital journalism is essential for the media landscape of Pakistan.